Why Lombok is a must place to visit?

Indonesia consist of more than 1,000 islands. Bali is the most well known for tourists. Not only for foreigner but for domestic too. If you like Bali, you will fall in love with Lombok.

There are so many things you get, beautiful beaches, beautiful waterfall, beautiful mountain, great place for snorkeling and diving, good food and unique culture.

Traditional Lombok’s house
Seger Beach
the texture made by great and strong wave
Woman from Sade village, an old village in Lombok island, Indonesia. One of their tradition is making cloth/fabric , start it from spinning cotton into the yarn
This woman sell accecories for living
An old man at Sade village
Beautiful old woman in traditional village
Seger beach, one of favorite place for surfing

Sembalun village, the beautiful village to start trekking to Rinjani mountain

Lombok is well known because of Rinjani mountain, one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia. For the one who love trekking Rinjani is a challenging. This time I didn’t go for Rinjani because of limited time, but I did trekking to Pergasingan hill. You only need 2-4 hours for trekking, depend on the route you take and the power you have, and then stay one night to enjoy beautiful sunset and sunrise.

From Pergasingan hill you will see the beautiful view of Rinjani and Sembalun village.

Take a rest before going back to Sembalun village
Sembalun village from Pergasingan hill


Sunset at Pergasingan hill
I felt like I could fly

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